The thriving natural habitat surrounding Pethers Rainforest Retreat is a stunning home for our wildlife and vegetation, and Pethers is dedicated to working in accordance with sustainability principles to assist in reducing our footprint on the environment.

Pethers use water saving devices, drawing water from our own Bore and distributing water to our treehouses via our tanks, filtration systems and water pumps. Pethers utilise devices which are also designed to reduce water and energy consumption on the property.  We also engage in policies to reduce waste by mulching and re-using green waste, and of course, recycling our glass, plastic and paper products.

Pethers maintenance team directs integrated pest and weed management programs and also plants native trees, preserving our natural flora, supplying our kitchen garden & bar and increasing our natural vegetation on the property.

Our greatest pride in maintaining sustainability at Pethers is our home grown herb and vegetable garden, implemented by Chef Obie Faulkner, and the sourcing of local produce to serve in Pethers Rainforest Restaurant. As a certified Scenic Rim Eat Local supplier, Pethers practices ensure the sustainability of our beautiful surroundings as well as ensuring our guests are experiencing a truly authentic and healthy cuisine.